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Amethyst Tab

			   Amethyst - Fightstar
Tabbed by: Jamez G

Tuning: EADGBe (Standard)

Well i dont know how many of you guys have heard of these lads but they are defo a up
and comin band. Keep a eye out for them in the press n feel free to rate this tab :)
sorry it isnt full but this is all that gets played on there realised stuff so far,
there EP is out 28th Feb 2005 so keep a eye out for it !

In this part of the song, Al plays the chords and Charlie plays the 'riff' over the top. 
tabbed both parts separately.

Main riff (Charlie's Part)

E 30010---30010----|.
B --0--131--0--131-|.
G -----------------|
D -----------------|
A -----------------|
E -----------------|
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When playing this, you can use your guitar's sustain so you don't have to strum every 
Which enables you to play it at the right speed.

Then it changes to

E 3-1-0---3-1-0---|
B -0-0-01--0-0-01-|
G ----------------|
D ----------------|
A ----------------|
E ----------------|

Then it repeats, but finishes slightly differently.. Figure that out for yourself.

Chords (Al's Part)

E -1111111100000000
B -1111111111111111
G -2222222222222222
D -3333333322222222
A -3333333300000000
E -1111111100000000

This repeats until the verse starts. At which point it's just chords and random slidey 
from Charlie, which I can't be bothered to tab. So here are those chords:

E -0000000000000000
B -1111111111111111
G -2222222200000000
D -2222222222222222
A -0000000033333333
E -0000000000000000

It's actually just those chords repeated throughout the entire verse.