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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 00:47:39 GMT

NOXINNIXON  "No "X" In Nixon"  by Fiction
from the EP  Independable

B5  A5  G5  B5  A5  G5		(play this progression fast through all the verses)
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Swing low
Brought now thought you said
Hit the wall with my fist
Broke now spoke you said
Live it high live it high
Hear a sound feel a slap
Wind blowin' through my hair
Afternoon nap

D5		C5	   D5
Ph.D	that is me
D5		C5	   D5
IRS		I address
Well there ain't no "X" in Nixon
C5			Dm5
But fuck this I digress

Dm5  C5  G5  A5

Blank 'em blank 'em
Snap spin feel the burn
Ashen ashen
I just can't find the words
To describe this holiest of shits
Don't know what to do so I
Shuck this fit

*chorus*		(same except change IRS to "UPS I undress"

(3rd verse same as third except last 3 lines)
Feather in my cap
Steal the poor give the rich
Afternoon nap



                     shade my eyes and i can see you