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From: (dan steinbock)
Subject:  for  /pub/guitar/f/fiction
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 00:47:35 GMT

Lost by Fiction
from the EP Independable

Em  Bm  Em  Bm

Em			Bm
I see myself
				Em					Bm
Surrounded by the flames and aches of pain
Em						Bm
	What else can I say?
				Em		Bm
I can't sit here much longer
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A  G  A  G

C#5					D5
	But if I were real
I could hold you in my arms
D							C#5		D
	And then you wouldn't feel alone

A  G  A  G

She came into the room
And asked me why it rains and where it drains
I can't find my way
Around here anymore


Sittin' in the livingroom
Holding photographs of you and me and...


C#5					D5
	But the way it is
When you hold me in your arms
D						C#5		D
	But I can't can't feel a thing.

E  A  E  A  E  A  E  A


                     shade my eyes and i can see you