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Cant Stop Drivin Chords

G (C/A) (2)
G               D              Em               C
Ive known you, Ive hurt you, ive begged you, or i try
Ive failed you, ive betrayed you, ive loved you, or i try
But I never knew where can I found you, how could I reach you
as I never found the hidden path, troughout this darkness
to hold you, to get you, to feel you, to rest
to see you, to meet you, to make love to you, to rest

G (C/A) (2)
     G            D              Em          C
I accepted you, I asked you, I losed you, I try
I needed you, I seek you, I lied to you,  I try
But I never knew how could I move you, how could I rock you
As I cant find out how can I stop me along this endless road
To take me, to accept me, to hear me, to rest
To hold me, to got me, to love me, to rest
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G  D  Em  C (2)
           G                      D                        Em         
Theres an old woman she wears a very large coat, walking hard, seeing straight
Wondering for her lost beautiful son
            G                         D                             Em
And I ant seen my own sister for at least ten years, thought  Id saw her eyes  once,
 last night in  dreams

G          D              Em
nightmare riders down on me
  C                G
 perfect madness, need that bleed
                D                    Em     C
Im a thousand miles and cant stop driving
G              D                 Em      C
Im a million miles yet keep on riding

G (C/A) (2)