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Fenix TX
Phoebe Cates

Hey everyone. Its me again, Willy T bringing you another fabulous punk 
song this time by Fenix TX. Although Fenix is kinda in limbo again with
the loss of James, this song still rocks and thought this tab would
be nice. Although the song is played by two guitars, I have tabbed it 
for one for all you three piece bands out there. It sounds fabulous.

Tuning: Just tune your low E string down to a D and that'll be fine.

One thing first. There are too many strums of each chord to list so 
I'll just list each chord once. Enjoy.


For the verses, its mainly just bass and palm muting. To make it sound
good, just play the root notes of the intro chords. You can get the 
rhythm of the palm mutes if you just listen for it.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fenix_tx/phoebe_cates_tab.html ]

After you repeat the chorus as needed, go back to the intro chords 
and into another verse and chorus. The breakdown is the semi-tricky

At first it starts off as just bass, but then the guitar comes in 
palm muted like this.


*But then when the palm muting stops, the guitar plays the chords 
and adds a fourth chord. This last chord is the purpose of the drop D 
tuning of the low E string. Its just the three open strings. After 
this you just go back into a chorus and then back into the intro chords
until the song comes to a close. Sweet song. Punk on!

Willy T - Punk Guru