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Gatekeeper - Feist

I really liked this song when I heard it and I just finally got around to learning it.
problem is I couldnít find any good tabs.  So I had to make my own, and here is what I
out of the piece.  Iím pretty sure it is right.  Sounds good enough to me at least.  Do 
you want with the tab, I donít care about any legal issues.     -Curtis

Am7			        Dm7
Well it's time to begin as the summer sets in
It's the scene
You set for new lovers
        Am7		      Dm7
You play your part painting in a new start
	   Bm7(b5)	    E7
But each gate will open another

Dm7		        Cmaj7
June July and August said
          Bb7 	          	  E7(#9)
"It's probably hard to plan ahead"
Dm7		         Cmaj7
June July and August said
       Bm7(b5) 		     E7
"It's better to bask in each others"
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F	       G7			    Am7
Gatekeeper seasons wait for your nod
F		 Bb7
Gatekeeper you held your breath
Made the summer go on and on

Well they tried to stay in from the cold and wind
Making love and making their dinner
Only to find that the love that they grew in the summer

February April said
"Don't be fooled by the summer again"
February April said
"That half of the year, well we'll never be friends"

Gatekeeper seasons wait for your nod
Gatekeeper you held your breath
Made the winter go on and on

Am7        Dm7     Am7        Dm7
Gatekeeper, 	   Gatekeeper,
Am7         Dm7     G7            Cmaj7
Gatekeeper, Seasons wait for your nod

Am7	x02010
Dm7	xx0211
Bm7(b5)	x2323x
E7	020130
Cmaj7	x32000
Bb7	x13131
E7(#9)	xx2133
F	133211
G7	320001