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1 2 3 4 Chords

Hey Everyone! First off I wanna say this is going to be really easy for any 
beginners! Second I wanna say, the strumming is kind of confusing.. but it comes 
naturally once you get the hang of it.. ! Of course, you can always just down 
stum.. but if you can try to do the pattern I have below! 


   G         EM   G 
1. One, two, three, four
  G        EM      G
Tell me that you love me more

   G       EM   G
.Sleepless long nights
   G         EM      G
That is what my youth was for

    C                EM
2.Old teenage hopes are alive at your door
   C                   EM
Left you with nothing but they want some more
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   C               D
3.Oh, you're changing your heart
 C               D
Oh, You know who you are

Alright so your probably thinking... WOAH... how do I strum this?? Hopefully I am 
as clear as can be with the strumming pattern below.. good luck! :) Hope that 
sounds good to you?? All i know, is when i play it everyone says it sounds really 
really good and just like the song.. its def. a different way of playing it than 
youll find on youtube.. hey, why not be unique?! :)


    G       EM      back to G
          ( |          |)
1. Down Down Up Up Down Up
2. Down Down Down Down (change to em from c) Down Down Down Down
3. Down Down Up Up (change here to d) Down Down Up Up

* i play this song with a very light palm mute so it kind of has that "skippy" 
"hoppy" feel to it??