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Just A Day Acoustic Chords

Hi guys, this is my acoustic version of "just a day" by feeder. Obviously as its a power
song, its not going to sound exactly the same and if you play the power chords as full
its sounds like sh*te, but this version sounds good with the lyrics on an acoustic. Any 
and improvements are welcomed.


Chords: (sorry I don't know the name's of the variations)
C  X32030
Em 022030
G  320003
D  XX0232
D2 XX0233
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Waking up at twelve in my clothes again
Em                                   C
Feel my head explode from a night of gin
Another night out late
I don’t want to drink don’t want to be a clown
Em                               C
I got to get my feet back on the ground
Before it pulls me in

G           Em            D
How come it ended up like this
G               Em                D              D2
And who’s gonna catch me when I’m coming down to hit the ground again

G   D     C
All by my-self “waking up at 12 in my clothes again”
D                     Em            C
Cause I don’t want to drag you down hold you down
               G         D       C
Cause you’re a friend, I blame my-self “feel my head explode from a night of gin”
D                      Em         C
I guess you think it’s funny now, funny now

and so on, repeat verses and chorus' when relevant.

As I say, it's my interpretation so alter or add as you choose.