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Tee-pees 1-12 Chords & Tabs

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Tee-pees 1-12 Chords

Tee-Pee's 1-12 by Father John Misty

Standard tuning


     A                              E
Well you took me to the movies, you took me to the dance
                                   D                      A
You took me to your warehouse tied up in the back of your van
You said "whip it out" and I started to shout
       D                       A
I'm in love with a woman again

         A                          E
Well you took me to your office, we went to meet your folks
                                       D                  A
We went out to the garden shed where I took off all of my clothes
I was terrified by the look in your eyes
              D                         A
But there's a lot to lovin' I don't know
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         A                           E
Well you took me to the ceremony, to sweat out all my fear
                                  D                    A
I came upon a cosmic serpent with hands woven into his hair
If it's my spirit guide I'm gonna stay inside
          D                           A
I'm never sleeping in a tee pee again

No no, no no no no no

(lot's of do do's here)
Same chords as verses played while do-doing

You asked me where I came from, in the middle of round ten

I thanked you for the compliment until you clarified what you meant

You said "what the hell are you doing here,

there's a prowler in my apartment"

Trout Fishing in America made me go and buy a pole

But by the time I got around to reading the book,

I was a celebrated deep sea pro

Drinking grey hounds way below ground

On my very own t.v. show

We went to get some work done, so our faces finally matched

The doctor took one look at me and took a skin graft outta my ass

If this is what it takes to take you on a date,

I'm gonna put my member behind glass
If I make it out alive from Hollywood and Vine
             D                         A
I'll build a cabin up in the northwest

No no, no no no no nooooooo

Then some more do-do's with the same chords