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From: juhkivij@utu.fi (Juha Kivijarvi)
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 1995 12:16:16 GMT
Subject: CRD: Never...  (Fat Tulips)

   NEVER...     by Fat Tulips

Intro:  Dm    C   (2x)

Dm                     C
I never wanted to be invincible
Dm                      C
I never claimed to be immune
Dm           G             C           Am
To all those vices and the skimming(?) thoughts
Dm                              G
To all those all-heart breaking tunes(?)

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I never cared that much for honesty
I never cared that much for pain
Don't believe that good will conquer evil

           C            Dm
But it's a funny thing
G           C    Am
They always tell you
Dm                       G
Time can heal the heart ???
    Dm            G                  C Am
For time just one word that means forever
    Dm             G              E
And therefore neverends are never known(?)
Dm             G              C
Therefore neverends are never known(?)

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