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Love Doesnt Kill You Chords

Love Doesn't Kill You Chords

                A               C7                  Bm         
It doesn't kill you, it's not a one-way ticket to a lonely life
         Bm                                         E
It might break your heart, but the physical risk is low
          A                    C7
You might feel so bad that you wanna die
           Bm                   F#m
but if you died you would never know
that it didn't kill you
soon you would've felt better

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[verse chords]
are you happy in heaven?
       C7                          Bm
do you win all the games that they play up there?
Bm                E
do you have a new body?
             Bm           E                   
what kind of wings do you wear?

[chorus chords]
          A                  C7
I haven't felt so bad that I wanted to die
         Bm                 F#m
but if I died I would never know
Love doesn't kill you
it's supposed to make you feel better

A                     D
You're never going to feel any better
A                     D                 
once you're dead, you don't get any deader
        A                     Bm
and you get no lovin' but you feel no pain
Bm                 E
never have to lose again

[verse/chorus chords for piano bridge]