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Share It With Me Chords

Acoustic version of Share it with me by Family Force 5
Should be correct i guess :)

Awesome song, fun to play - have fun with it guys!

Am  F  G  E x4 

Am   F                      G     
   I really need to see her tonight 
           E               Am 
I made the reservation for two 
                 F           G
Going over in my head how to make her mine 
              E                Am
She's crying 'cause she feels confused 
       F             G  
Maybe she needs some space 
       E            Am
Just a little time alone 
            F           G 
Please tell me face to face
Am      F             G 
Now our seven years are gone 
E              Am
How could this be 
                 F           G
She was supposed to be the one 
How could she 
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Am            F               G
Woah, you've already broken my heart
             E                 Am  
I'd like to keep at least one piece 
        F                 G
You can take all that you want 
                      E               Am
But you're gonna have to share it with me 
Share it with me 
Share it with me
(E G7 Am)
Share it with me
     G            E
Just one piece 

[Verse 2:] 
Am      F                         G 
I never thought that it'd come to this 
      E              Am
Never in a million years 
       F               G
The memory of our first kiss 
                 E             Am
Is taking me to the verge of tears 
     F          G
How could I move on
             E        Am 
You were everything to me 
          F        G     
So where did we go wrong
This is a tragedy 

[Repeat Chorus]

Am                      F             G
Tears fall to the ground when I think about 
                  E          Am 
How life goes on without you now
                   F          G 
You broke my heart on bended knee 
                     E           Am  
Now that you're gone it's killing me 
      F            G 
I am alone without you 
                     E            Am
Never wanted to say that we're through 
Give me your love again 
   G                        E
I won't believe this is the end 

[Repeat Chorus]