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Skinny Soul Chords

Strum the G chord twice

Intro: Dm  Am  Dm  Am  Em  B  Am  Em  B  Am
           Dm                        Am
You saw me walkin', pass you down the street

               Dm                              Am
Boy you saw me walkin', nothin' but shoes on my feet

And though you might want to

      G                 Am           G                 Am
Don't give me a bite to eat, no don't give me a bite to eat

              Dm                     Am
And you wanna kiss me, kiss my pretty face
                Dm                                 Am
Don't you wanna kiss me, or the mask that's in it's place

Let me give you a warning 

           G      Am            G      Am
Cause i've got no taste, no I've got no taste

Yeah I just like nothin'

     G                       Am
Just suckin' the darkness of space

            Dm                               Am
You left me alone, yeah cold in my childhood death

                 Dm                           Am
I ain't seen the sunshine, since I don't know when

So won't you just take me back

     G                Am
Just spit me back out again

               G                Am
It's ok if you spit me back out again
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                  Dm                         Am
Oh, but you wanna love me, right that's your goal

                       Dm                                    Am
And you try so hard to love me, feed me kisses and fatten me whole

Shit are you in for trouble

           G            Am
Cause I've got a skinny soul

           G             Am
I've got a skinny skinny soul

           Dm                                 Am
You see me runnin', runnin' like hell from my home

               Dm                                Am
You watched me runnin', and you were too dumb to know

My love I'm going to the ocean

       G          Am 
Let it swallow me whole

        G                  Am
Suck me out and swallow me whole

               Dm                                  Am
Here comes the thunder, yeah watch it come rolling in

                     Dm                                            Am
Boy take head of the thunder, oh cause the flood will be followin' in

Take my hand and seek shelter

          G           Am
Watch the Earth begin again

         G     Am
Watch it begin again

                   G               Am
Do you wanna start clean and begin again?

And it comes

Outro: Am  Dm  Am  Dm  G  Am  Dm  G  Am  G  Am  G  Am