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Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying Chords & Tabs

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Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying Tab

Title: get busy living or get busy dying
Artist: fall out boy
Album: from under the corktree

Tabbed by: Casey (angei_saviour@yahoo.com)

x  = palm mute
( ) = either not played every time and/or wat I play

I only did one guitar part cuz thts all i could figure out...feel free to comment/correct

Intro "This has been said so many times..."
E|-0--------3--0-|| (X2)

Verse "If you are the shores I am the waves..."
E|----------------------------||            |--------------------------------||
B|----------------------------||            |--------------------------------||
G|-4x-2x---------5x-2x--------||     or     |--------------------------------||
D|-4x-2x--4x-2x--5x-2x--5x-2x-||            |-9x-7x--4x-2x--10x-7x--5x-2x----||
A|-2x-0x--4x-2x--3x-0x--5x-2x-||            |-9x-7x--4x-2x--10x-7x--5x-2x----||
E|--------2x-0x---------3x-0x-|| (X4)       |-7x-5x--2x-0x---8x-5x--3x-0x----|| (X4)

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fall_out_boy/get_busy_living_or_get_busy_dying_tab.html ]
Pre-chorus "Your secret's out"
E |---------------||
B |---------------||
G |-5-------------||
D |-5---5-x-5-x-5-||
A |-3---5-x-5-x-5-||
E |-----3-x-3-x-3-||

Chorus "I know this hurts, it was ment to..."
E |----------------||
B |----------------||
G |-5--------9-(7)-||
D |-5--5--9--9-(7)-||
A |-3--5--9--7-(5)-||
E |----3--7--------|| (X2)

pre-chorus X1
verse X2
intro X2
verse X4
pre-chorus X1
chorus X2
pre-chorus X1

Bridge "I used to obsess over living..."
E |-------------------------------------||               E |---------------------------------||
B |-------------------------------------||               B |---------------------------------||
G |-------------------------------------||     or        G |-----7x--5x--4x--(5x)--(7x)------||
D |-2x--12x--10x--9x--(10x)--(12x)-(2x)-||               D |-2x--7x--5x--4x--(5x)--(7x)-(2x)-||
A |-2x--12x--10x--9x--(10x)--(12x)-(2x)-||               A |-2x--5x--3x--2x--(3x)--(5x)-(2x)-||
E |-0x--10x---8x--7x---(8x)--(10x)-(0x)-|| (X4)          E |-0x-------------------------(0x)-|| (X4)

                               ^slowly release mute after second time^

bridge open(no mute) X2
chorus X2
pre-chorus X1
end on
E |----------------||
B |----------------||
G |----------------||
D |--2-------------||
A |--2-------------||
E |--0-------------||