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Chinese Arithmetic Chords


Intro and Verse

Em, Bm (Repeat until Chorus) 

For example:

Em                              Bm
Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyes
     Em                              Bm
It's beautiful, how much you'll never realize

(While playing the Intro you can play a G-note just before switching from Em to Bm, 
and play D-note just before switching back to Em, to simulate the synth)


Em, G5 (X4)

For example:
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Em                                     G5
Your friend was young, hung and plastered
Em                          G5
He never knew his own disaster

'So you thought she'd be sweeter than your girlfriend peter' part is played like the verse 
(Em, Bm)

So you thought she'd be sweeter than your girlfriend peter
Well give it a second chance cause you've yet to meet her
We got the same ideas, we got the same old fears
They're different colors sometimes, but, hey, who cares? 

Last part (from 'Tried so hard to control my behavior' till the end of the song) 
played like chorus 
(Em, G5)

Hope I got it right... Enjoy!