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Alaska Chords

Instrument: Guitar
Song: Alaska
Artist: Eyes Adrift
Album: Eyes Adrift (2002)
Tabber: Lachlan Hart (eleventh_fret@hotmail.com)

Standart Tuning E A D G B E

*I write the note letters from High to Low rather than the other 
way because I find it easier to read.

Intro / Verse

G ---0---0-------0-----0---0------0---0
D --0---0-------0-0---0---0-----0---0--
A -3---2---0---------3---2---0--------- 
E ----------2-2-3--------------3-------
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/eyes_adrift/alaska_crd.html ]
As you can see, nice and open... sounds lovely. You can change the 
rhythm of those open notes if you want to, its all good. Thats all 
there is until the chorus, which is simply:

        A              C
Used to be, cheap love song
     D                     A
Satellite, as it falls in Alaska

Just repeat that progression.

The only other part that differs is in the repeats of the chorus at 
the end, Curt plays a noise solo, so you can improvise that and be 
creative. At the end of the chorus, Krist plays his little bass thingy 
and it goes back to the verse riff again.
And thats that. I strongly recommend the CD to anyone who is a 
Meat Puppets, Nirvana or Sublime fan, as well as anyone who enjoys 
some good rock and roll.

Any corrections, compliments, questions, or requests just email me at 
Have fun!