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Ends Tab

By Nolan Sontag

Artist: Everlast
Song: Ends

Now I'm Not saying this tab is perfect, But when I play along with the song it sounds 
more accurate that any other tab I have seen on here. First off, PUT THE CAPO ON 
THE 3RD FRET. This makes the first chord you play a straight G. From there, the chord 
shapes RALATIVE TO THE CAPO progress like this:

E, D, Dsus, D, A...

That's for the chorus. As for the verses, once again relation to the Capo, simply alternate
between E and A every 2nd measure (8 beats)

I have tabbed it out below, But since I have never tabbed before, I dont really know what 
I'm doing. All the chord names at the top are named relative to the capo. Note that all 
the strings on the 3rd fret would be played open with a capo on 
the 3rd fret. Also note that in an effort to give a sense of the strum pattern, I made 
each dash (-) equal to one half strum.  

the "d"s at the bottom mean a down strum
The "u"s mean an up strum       

[chorus riff (repeat 4 times)]
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/everlast/ends_tab.html ]
              Ends...           People...	
  *chords:    E                 D   D^ D  A     
	      d   d  ududu   ududud d  u ud dudu

*I don't actually play the Dsus. I just hammer up to the 5th fret from a D.
**At the end of the chorus, stum an E once and let ring

[Verse riff (repeate as many times as needed)]

              E               A
	G|----4-444-444444-4445-555-555555-5 --5P3--|3
	D|----5-555-555555-5555-555-555555-5 --5----|4
	A|----5-555-555555-5553-333-333333-3 --3----|5
	E|----3-333-333333-3333-333-333333-3 --3----|6
              d dud dududu udud dud dududu u   d 

* I'm pretty sure the lick at the end isn't quite right, but it sounds ok.

and lastly, the preverse lick. This is probably wrong, but it works for me


H= hammer
P= pull off