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Sunflowers Chords

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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 23:32:25 -0500
From: Robert Howard Coyle 
Subject: CRD:Sunflowers.crd by Everclear

Group: Everclear
Tab: Sunflowers
Album: So Much For the Afterglow
Submitted by: Rob Coyle

Intro: AA - DD - AA (x4)

Verse 1: AA - DD - AA
   I know where you go......

Post Verse / Pre Chorus 1: Bm - D - AA - DD - AA (x2)
   Yes I know where you go.....

Verse 2: AA - DD - AA
    I know how you feel.....

Post Verse / Pre Chorus 2: Bm - D - AA - DD - AA (x2)
    I can see it in your eyes....

Chorus: C# - D - A - C# - D - E
    When you were a child.....

Verse 3: AA - DD - AA
    I know where you go.....

Post / Pre 3: Bm - D - AA - DD - AA (x2)
    I see you run around in circles.....

Extended Chorus:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/everclear/sunflowers_crd_ver_2.html ]
                  C#                       D
When you were a child, you were happy and free

		       A                         C#
you were my reason to live, I would die if you smiled at me

             D                                E
I can still see you painting pictures on the wall

                 A                   A
I remember you happy, I remember it all

	(go into chorus)

Chorus: C# - D - A - C# - D - E

AA - DD - AA  (x2)


Sunflowers in your room

Sunflowers in your room

Sunflowers in your room

All I want to remember

pretty pictures on the wall

I remember you happy

I remember it all

                 C#           E
All I want to remember..........

Sunflowers in your room

AA - DD - AA (x4)

There, that's it....Just listen to the song and all of this will make
sense...Any questions?? Corrections?? Contact me at rhcoyle@erols.com!!