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Strawberry Chords

Sparkle And Fade
Words By Art Alexakis
Music By Everclear


A  X02X20
B  X25X52
D  X68X86
C# X57X75

A              B                 A         
Never Been Here Never Comin Back
                   B                     D             A
Never Wanna Think about the things That Hapenned today
              B                    A
Wanna lay down on the warm ground
                     B               C#
Think I'm gonna need   A little time to my self
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D     A         B             C#           D
Don't Fall Down Now You Will Never Get Up
      A         B7
Don't Fall Down now
      C#(b6)    D
Don't Fall Down Now
      A         B7           C#(b6)         D
Don't Fall Down Now You Will Never Get Up 
Don't Fall Down Now
B             A
Now      Now     

B     A     B  

B                  A
Now    Now   now
                  B7                   A
Last thing I recall I was in the air 
                        B7                D              A
I woke up in the street crawling with my strawberry burns
          B7                        A
Ten Long Years in a straight line,  They Fall like water
B               C
Yes I guess I Fucked Again

(Play the chorus again)