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One Hit Wonder Chords


One Hit Wonder, wow, this took me FOREVER to finally get figured out. 
After many requests, and hours of finger stiffening work, here it is:

chords: (there are basically 4)
*the strings are in order from bottom to top (1-6)

Db: 0-9-10-11-11-0
Gb: 0-2-3-4-4-0
Ab: 0-4-5-6-6-0
Cb: 0-7-8-9-0-0
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/everclear/one_hit_wonder_crd_ver_2.html ]
verse (it goes in a similar pattern the whole song)
Loppy says he likes it up on top
Yes he knows if he ever lets go
The pretty machine will swallow him whole
He has no fear he has no sense of shame
He will not stop until everybody everywhere wants 
to know his name

(after verse2 it goes:)
He says he wants to live the kind of life 
That will make the folks back home 

All bitch and whine
He knows if he ever even gets a chance
To sell his soul to make the monster dance
They can't hurt you unless you let them

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