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Make Me Believe Chords

E G A E // Main riff
G D // Bridge
Dm C Dm C Dm C G D // B - Part

Make me Believe
The words you've said
really makes me mad
They're filling out my head
Can't forget the night (wow)
where you saved my life (how)
and where you brought me to shine (let it shine)

The last day of year
I felt a kind of fear
Cause I met you just a few times
Can't forget the way (how)
It's hard to say (wow)
how you blew my mind away (blow me away)
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But the fact is that you do
I don't know, what's the truth

Chorus x2
And I pray all the night
Make me  believe that I can fly
Please show me the sky
And everyday, every single time
I find no words to say
you really make me crazy
I pray
Make me believe you feel the same		

B - Part
I count the seconds, when you write
Want to make you smile, just for a while
I count the steps you take, when you come to me
you really hit me... you see

Just a few month ago
Maybe you still know
you embraced me so long
I felt your warmth (wow)
I smelt your scent (how)
I forgot where I belong (you are where I belong)

and that's why I melt down
Why I want you for my own