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Giants Chords

Hello, hope you enjoy playing the song,
please let me know if somthing doesn't sound quite right.
Thanks. :)

 Chords used:
    G       C      D      Em

Intro:  G- C- G- D- G 2x

Well there is something
C                               G - D     G
You may not know about me
G                     C             G - D    G
That Iím five giants on the daily
 G                              C                 
And they come big and tall and scary
                               G - D    G
And thereís times they are to many
G                        C          G- D   G
 But Why canít I smile confidently
G                  C
If everyone did know 
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G                   C
That the bigger they are 
G                  D
The harder they fall
 G                 C
If itís you and me
G                        D
We can take them all in all
G            C          G
Have no fear fight alive 
D             Em      C
Iím by your side, oh, oh
If everyone did know 
How our giants fall

Intro 2x

G                         C
Well measuring my stature 
                   G - D     G
And my bravery ( Bravery ) 
G              C               G- D  G  
Well I may not be intimidating 
G                            C
But I stand as tall as I am ready 
                     G- D     G
Before the giants thatís against me
G                    C              G- D   G
And I wonder who shouldnít be smiling 
G                    C
If only they did know

Chorus 1x


When I am weak 
He is strong
I am apposed to lose everything 
G               C
To gain it all
G                                C 
And on the tree where love was slain 
G                           D
The rightful king he did acclaim 
G                             C
From giants grip my soul was saved 
G                           D
Now I can speak  broken and clean

Chorus 2x