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In My Time Chords

EUROPE  In My Time
from the Last Look At Eden (2009) album

breathtakingly sad and beautiful this one is...


Verse 1:
            Am           G         Am
I found the strength I'm breathing again
    G           Am               G     Am
And I've told myself I'm still a lucky man
Em                               F
'Cause when I thought I couldn't start anew
Em               Dm
When it's dark a light shines through
F          E        Am     
In my time I got to love you

Verse 2:
      G             Am           G         Am
Well, you showed me how just how good life can be
G            Am              G    Am
Looking back now it's almost hard to believe
Em                            F
I'll move ahead you know I'll do my best
Em                   Dm
And through it all I know I'm blessed
F                 E        Am
'Cause in my time I got to love you
[ Tab from: ]
F                  Dm  
I never needed someone 
C                     Am
Like I need you right now
F                         Dm
Just when my new life's begun
            C                        G
Something reminding me you'll always be the one
F           Dm
So I pick myself up
      C     G/B     Am
And I won't let you down
F                 E        Am
'Cause in my time I got to love you

C                G
I take good care of what's left behind
Dm                       Am
I hope it gives you some peace of mind
C                    G
Right now it's tough but I swear that I'm
Dm                    E
Forever glad you were mine

Solo rhythm:
Am, G, Am, G
Am, G, Am
Em, F, Em, Dm
F, E, Am


F          E                     Am
In my time... I got to love you