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DREAMER (Europe)
Am                      G
He is down by the riverside
Dm         Am
Late one night
C                G
He's tryin' to count the stars
Dm               E E7
In each of the signs
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All alone by the riverside
And time passes by
Gathering thoughts of the past
And maybe he'll cry
           C     G
He's a dreamer
              Dm             Am
And he's fightin' for his life
        C          G       F
He's tryin' to understand
            C     G
He's a dreamer
          Dm                Am
But he wants to carry on
        C               G         F
Yet I know he's a lonely man

So they say he's a madman
And he don't understand
But I know that he's tryin' hard
To act like a man
All those years he has suffered, my friends
All those years of pain
But I don't think he knows for sure
If those years were in vain