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I've tabed the song in rock chords and I got it like this....

Riff: EE DD, GG CC, EE DD, E C G DD (x2)
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Vers. 1
[E]They lived in peace,[B]not long ago
[E]A mighty indian tribe[B]
[BDC]But the winds of change[D],
[E]Made them realize[F#], that the promises[G] were lies[A] [c]
Vers. 2
[E]The white man's greed, [B]in search of gold
[E]Made the nation bleed[B]
[EDC]They lost their faith
[E]And now they hade to learn[F#]
There was no[G] place to return[A]
[C]Nowhere they could [D]turn.

(In the Ref. plays the Riff x2)
Cherokee marching on the trail of tears.

Vers. 3
They were driven hard, across the plains
And walked for many moons
Cause the winds of change,
Had made them realize, that the promises were lies.

Vers. 4
So much to bear, all that pain
Left them in despair
They lost their faith
And now they hade to learn
There was no place to return
Nowhere they could turn.

Written by: Taeven