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Sleepwalking Chords


1. Turn the corner, too familiar
2.  All the people look so happy

1. Turn around   in---to your past
2. Safe beneath their plastic skin

1. Oh oh...
2. Oh, oh whoa oh

1. You hide and seek the same addiction,
2. Get a rise from another’s tragedy but

1. Hope you find the better one of the last
2. Tiptoe so     nobody can get in

1. Ohh, oh, oh whoah oh
2. Oh, oh whoah oh

Eb	              Gm	             F
You’re sleepwalking through your big bed of lies

Eb	             Gm	         F
Wish on up your new star every night, oh yeah
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Gm		         Bb	              Eb
   I see you’re at it again, sittin’ on your hands
	  Gb		         Gm		      F
Waitin’ around for the wind to change direction
      Oh yeah
Gm		 Bb                  Eb
  There you go again, stuck in your head,
         Eb                   Gb         Gm         Cm
Havin’ a ball with your phony optimistic way

[So off with your masquerade.]
(1st time to V2, 2nd time to Bridge, 3rd time repeat chorus)

Bbm                                         F
Oh, darling you, you suffocate in your fantasy
Bbm                                                      F
    You twist inside your hollow eyes when the mirror speaks (CHORUS)


   Gm    Cm      Eb     F       Bb     Gb