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Parting Time Tab

Title: Parting Time
Artist: Erik Santos
Tabbed by: Rolando O. Orteza(

Intro: gnawhan ko lang ng guitar…


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A E F#m
I remember the days, when you're here with me
D F#m Bm A E
Those laughter and tears, We shared for years
A E F#m
Memories that we had, For so long it's me and you
D F#m Bm B F#sus F#
Now you're gone away, you left me all alone
B F# G#m E F#m
Go on, do what you want But please don't leave me
Bm Esus B F#
You'll break my heart, Hey what should I do
G#m E F#m
Babe, I'm missing you, please don't disappear
Bm Esus E
These are the words that you should hear

D F#m
Time and time again
Bm F#m-Bm-B-F#
I wish that you were here


A E F#m D-E
I don't wanna lose you girl, I need you back to me
A E F#m D-E
I don't wanna lose you, Baby can't you see
Oh, I need you
E F#m D-E
You been a part of me
D F#m Bm F#m D F#m Bm
I wish someday you'll be back home, Cause I really miss you
F#m D F#m-Bm-A-E
Darling, please come home

--- Adlib part: A--E--F#m--D-E ---

--- Repeat chorus ---

--- outro ---