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Guys Like Me Chords

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Capo V(5)

   G   D Dsus  C  Csus Am

Use hammers with the G and D chord for a better sound

I wear a greasy ball cap
I like my shirt untucked
        G                 D     G
I spend Saturdays working on my truck
I don't like to fight
But I ain't scared to bleed
G                      D        G
Most don't mess with a guy like me

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       D            G 
‘Cause guys like me drink too many beers 
   C                 G
On Friday after work
    D                    G
Our best blue jeans have Skoal rings
   C                 Dsus
We wear our boots to church
   D                G
So rough around the edges
     C             Csus
It's hard to believe 
     Am             D 
That girls like you
                 G – D – G – D - G     
Love guys like me

Your daddy worked at the bank
Mine worked on cars
You went to college
  D           G
I pulled graveyard
You must have had your pick
Of all the trust fund types
             G                   D         G
But you came back to me and only God knows why

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: G – D – Dsus – D - Am – C - Dsus

              D                G
Now there's a lot of guys like me out there
     C                  G
In a lot of little towns
    D                       G
And telling' all our buddies 
         C (mute)
We won't ever settle down
   D                       G
We say that’s just the way we are 
          C               Csus
And the way we'll always be
             Am            Dsus             G
So God sends girls like you for guys like me
                  Am            D
Thank God there's girls like you, for guys like me

Outro: G – D – G