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  Hi To All of members of this site,hope u like my song
 actually im just a 15yr. old boy pero galing na mag guitar!
(this is really exist!)
I find it hard to believe
Eb                 a
That All the Pains that we
            Dm                  c
are felling has meaning in this world
Its so hard to believe 
Eb                         Dm
When everything you see is defferent from
c                 g
Thing You've been told.....
c        e    am         g    Dm
I wanted life to be this way,just a little
       c                  g           c
Bit of Love could mean so much.....Oh pls.
     e       am  g        Dm              c
Dont take it all away but heaven is still close
enough to touch.....
 (Di ako sure sa unang lyrics d2!
c                         Eb
I find it hard to believe when all around them
Dm           c        g
is open arms wide and smiling.....
c                       Eb           a       Dm
Its so harad to believe when someone told me that
               c                   g
your suffering is what you get for leaving.....
             (Repeat chorus)
 Eb                          a              c
Because ur love is still the onlything that matters
in this world.....
 c           g           f
And the only thing i can believe........
c            g
Ang the only thing.......
 c    f
I can believe........
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