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Why Chords

E                    A2
do you remember the day
C#m             B
you said yes to me
E                 A2
then i felt your love
C#m                  B
extremely coming ate me

II.(E, A2, C#m, B)parehas din nung first stanza
Do you remember the fun
we had together in places we've gone
then you've invited me
to kiss you goodbye
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A2   B            C#m        A2
Why...Why did you do this to me
(A2, B, C#m, A2)
Why...why did you go away from me

III.(E, A2, C#m, B)
do you remember the night
you have broke my heart
then i felt so lonely
just thinking of you

F#m    A2             B
Will i ever see your face
F#m    A2             B
Will i ever feel you love