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Mr Know It All Tab

Artist: Enex
Song Title:  Mr. Know it all
Tuning: Regular EADGBE tuning
Speed: 4/4 rhythm at a speed of about 140 if you have a metronome

Guitar intro: (let the notes ring out...try it slow at first.  Its easier to understand, and take the riff in portions)


play a power chord on "G-3" and "A-5" to end the intro and let it ring out.  Drums do a small intro and then we go nto the "pre-verse"
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/enex/mr_know_it_all_tab.html ]
G|77777777---------------------------<  (you strum these powerchords 8 times each)
D|55555555-77777777-55555555-77777777<  Play that twice and here we go with the verse...


D|------------------55555555-77777777<  (again, 8 times on these powerchords)
A|55555555-22222222-33333333-55555555<	Play this riff 4 times

Prechorus...the chorus is the same riff

G|-----7777------9999<  (these guys are 4 times each...the powerchords that is)
D|5555-5555-7777-----<  This riff is played 4 times as well....and 4 times for the chorus

The song is purty much done after that....if you want the small solo and the finishing touch at the end of the song just email me at Vollybox@aol.com.  I know these tabs are hard to put with a song without actually hearing it.  But unlike all other tabs this song is accurate.