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Love Hate Relationship Tab

Love/Hate relationship
eNeMIeS oF rEaLisM
Written by Peach

How long do you think you can go on?
You seem to enjoy ripping me apart
How long can you go on?
Before you restart

I don?t think I can take this anymore
You?ll always be the same as you were before
Why do you put me thru this pain?
Do you think it?s fun watching me go insane?

Did you really think it would last?
I can?t suddenly stop thinking of the past
You threw away all my trust
Just so you could fulfil your lust
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But I?ll always love you
No matter how much it hurts
And you and I will be cool
For as long as life?s flame burns

Are you content with yourself?
Knowing you put me in this pain
Now I need mental help
Coz your driving me insane

Capo 2

Chorus is F G C G