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Paper Trails Chords

       C      G          Am 
I've gone as far as I can go
      F        G       C
The rest you must do alone
            F                 G
With your pants around your knees 
            C               A7
You said "don't leave me please"
      F         G            C
But this is as far as I can go

     C    G          Am 
And so I swivel on my heel
      F         G               C
And soon the green becomes the grey
               F                G
Now that my sister's cleaned my car
         C                   A7
I can depart from where you are
I never liked the country anyway

                  C            G       F
The birds, they steal things from my sleep
               F    G               C        
They sing the promises I couldn't keep

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C              G              Am
Last night I dreamed my alphabet
            F         G               C
Out of my voice, all pretty plastic shapes
 F            G
Muted microphones 
               C                  A7
Turned in my hands to ice cream cones
And the silence was all syrupy, all candy, tarts and cake
     C             G             F
The sad curl and shine of baby spit                                
         F                G             C
And a secret trail that leaves beyond a tick
         C            G             F
Oh, the sad curl and smear of baby spit
         F              G            C
I said "yes" but I did not agree to this

      C         G               Am
Last night I dreamed of paper trails
                 F            G              C
Dolls without faces joined infinitely with fingerless armS
F                     G                   C                   A7
Blank as the air was dead and sound is chasing the stillness all around
Is choking the vibrations
F                               C           G        F
Beady little tales of sewing needles and a ball of string
           F     G                  C
Tear them apa- aart and make them sing
             C         G          F
Of sewing needles and ball of string
           F   G              C
My useless heart, a wedding ring

  C             G                 Am	
Apologies are boring and they're trite
         F              G              C
But if desired, I will see what I can find
    F                     G
As soon as the concrete comes into view
 C                     A7
Pencil to paper we'll move for you
Squeeze our time together to lines and lines and lines of fifty words
Across the page
 F                   G            Am	
Big decision all contained in a phrase
           C      G         Am
I know I promised you all along
             F   G          C
Forgive me please, for I cannot