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Canopies And Grapes Chords

Capo on Fret 4

The song is based around the chords, Em, G and D,  with a Cmaj7 thrown in at the end of 
I have put the chords above the words for the whole song as it can be tricky to know 
the changes are.

Em               G          D
         I wanna see you tonight
What's the point?
       G     D
All we do is fight
I've loved you
So long
D               Em       G       D
I donno who I'd be without

My head hurts
          G           D
I wish I'd never woke up
I feel worse
                 G       D
than when S Club 7 broke up
I hate the day

It hates me
        G       D      Em        G       D
So does everybody else
            Em                 G           D
I sit here drooling on my own again
           Em                 G            D
and like a routine episode of Friends
              Em              G            D
What does it mean to be American?
Is it
          G           D
feelings,     coffee and

I'll be there for you?

Em  G  D   x2

        Em                         G                D
Later on me and a bottle will hook up to have some fun
           Em                                   G            D
Then I'll call your house at twelve to let you know that I'm drunk
         Em                      G              D
Say I'm sorry Mr C, I was just looking for your son
              Em                       G           D
How are you, incidentally, do you know if he's out alone?
              Em                                 G          D
There is this book he lent to me something like seven months ago
          Em                               G           D
I'm gonna burn it in the street be so kind as let him know
that I'm dealing
with this badly

could he please get back to me?

Em  G D  x2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/emmy_the_great/canopies_and_grapes_crd.html ]
             Em                             G              D
Since you've gone my only friends are Billy Bragg and the Jam
          Em                               G          D
Though my time with you has got me feeling oh so k.d. lang
                Em                  	          G         D
I think you're right about the New Kids on the Block
      Em                            G         D
And I agree now Billy Joel does not rock
             Em                                 G                    D
Wish I could tell you all the things that Woody Allen helps me see
          Em                                        G       D
How Annie Hall is starting to seem quite a lot like you and me
          Em                           G            D
It took a while to come around to David Bowie's new CD
         Em                              G               D
And it's much too late to give back your Magnetic Fields EP
Can I keep it
by my pillow?
Fucking loved it

How I long to tell you so

Em  G D  x2

       Em                                G            D
When I get to sleep I'll dream again of canopies and grapes
          Em                                 G                  D
And wake shaking from the knowledge that the mattress holds your shape
   Em                               G                D
I assume my phone is dead because it hasn't rung for months
   Em                              G                    D
If tomorrow is the funeral do you think that you could come?
        Em                                 G                D
I could give you back your music and your t-shirts and your socks
         Em                       G              D
Walk to Jazz's house in SOHO cry into her letter box
           Em                        G           D
Spend some time out to resuscitate my soul
          Em                              G            D
Take up smoking and drink carrot juice and grow
          Em  			                    	      G              D
Teach the mattress to expel you from its folds
            Em                               G                D
Then dry my eyes and keep on walking til the motion makes me strong
           Em                     G                 D
Until one day i realise I don't remember that you're gone
We'll be strangers
who were lovers
I'll recover
                              D Em
It's so weird how time goes on