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Atoms Chords

I know you’re going soon
It’s ok, I won’t freak
   G                             D      
Can see it in your eyes, you’ve been moving out for weeks
   Am                                D
You’ve found a girl, she’s so much prettier than me
She’s much cleverer than me
She’s so much happier than me

G                           D
You want a lover who takes time over her looks
G                                  D
Not some stupid kid who’s always wrapped up in her books
Am                        D
But can I help it if a sentence makes me cry?
And the pavement makes me cry
And the thought of you and I

Oh, just leave
There’s nothing much I want to say
But close the door
            D                            Am  
You know how the atmosphere decays my bones
I feel the atoms on my skin
Am                D
Oh, I feel the matter closing in

G                          D
From my perch I see the universe as one
            G                            D
See the planets in their glory, slowly dancing with the sun
          Am                           D
See my ancestors in monkey costumes fucking on the rocks
            Am                              D
See the priestess and her brother and the farmer and his crops
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G                                 D
All these sacred histories have led to this one day
          G                                D
When you face me on the stairs and say you have to go away
          Am                           D
And time stops like ice where all around it once was hot
           Am                                   D
So don’t begrudge a girl her books cos they’re all a girl has got

They sit there now
The words unflinching in their strength
You see I only ever read
Cos I wish I was brave as them
       Am                                      D
And I know these words will never leave me standing on the stairs
        Am                            D
Just like my frozen ancestors they always will be there
     Am                                D
In print, just like your image on my heart
     Am                               D
For ever like the planets light the dark
      Am                                 D
Just like our world is waltzing with the sun
      Am                                      D
Just like when this world explodes it makes another one

Oh you, just leave
I always wanted you to be free
               G                    D
But next time you see the planets try and think of me
           Am                             D
And this moment on a stairway where I thought that I could see
         Am                                   D
All the atoms in your lover, she’s much prettier than me
          Am                            D
And can I help it if an atom makes me cry?
         Am                           D
I can’t help it if she’s happier than I