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Aiko Chords

G        C         D           G            C  D
  Aiko, geography has got the better of us again
I know you wanna go
       C        D
And I am to be singing
        G               C  D
To the tail of an aeroplane

      Em                    A
So I fold these pieces of gold
              D                    D7 
Into animals so I can fashion a chain
             Em                         A     D
That will bridge the gap accross these continents

G             C         D              G                C     D
 Aiko, your fatherless smile has been summoned to other shores
           G                     C           D
There's a man over there with a gentleman's bow
       G                       C    D
Who invites you to take to the floor

Pack your traveling case
With your ribbons and lace
          D                             D7
For his blood must be furnished with excellent taste
         Em                         A    D
But it might burn a hole into your paper face

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            Em (1stroke)           Em (1stroke)
And so you run towards the things you haven't got
          A            D
Just to say goodbye again
             Em (1stroke)        Em (1stroke) 
But do you think of me as he unlocks your knees
         A         D
At the Terrace Garden?

G                        C        D
 Pretty pictures in the window blinds
         G                          C        D
Looking out looks so good with the winter behind
           G                     C          D
Like it is playing a banjo to a Tennessee line
           G                     C          D
And the reeds are like cowboys perfectly aligned

          Em              A
Does the sky over Tokyo know
How a river can flow like the stroke
Of a violin bow?
        Em                        A    D
Like a hand will run across the milky sky

             Em (1 stroke)
But you can take these trees
      Em (1 stroke)
And this summer breeze
           A            D
On this stupid looking day
             Em (1 stroke)     Em (1 stroke)
And you can send it all to the Japanese
         A             D
Now my love has gone away.

(Japanese verse) (?)
Em - A - D
Em - A - D

            Em   A
And if you see Aiko
       D       D7
Or Sayee
Let her know
            A             D
That she dances in my dreams.