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18 Years Chords

He spent 18 years
Livin life to the brim
He fought harder than men
Two times as strong

I dont think there was a day 
When i saw him complain 
         A               E                A  
Something higher come and help me carry on

He was more than a friend to all of us
His selflessness was why he held on for so long 
A                       D
If im have the man that he was
A                 E               A   
I'd be a man worth watchin carry on

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A                              F#m
And i wont be fine but thanks for asking
D                            E
My heart is heavier than your lead
A                            D
It dont seem right to trade a dollar for a dime, 
A                    E                  A
lord above why do you leave us all for dead?

Verse 2

He spent 18 years livin life to the utmost
Shifted my entire paradigm
A                                D
Not a minute goes by where i dont think of all those days 
A                  E                    A
In that short lived 18 years careening by