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I Feel Fine Chords


Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -   8x109xx  (10th fret on D string, 9th fret on G string)
Bb -  6x87xx
A  -  5x76xx
A7 -  5x56xx
D7 -  x5x56x
G7 -  3x34xx

C7 -  8108988 (10th fret on A string)
F7 -  x810810x (10th fret on D and B)

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C     Bb          A    A7
Every time youíre near me
     D7 G7 C
I start to smile
C      Bb        A  A7
Get to feeling a way
          D7   G7   C
I havenít felt in a while
C           Bb                     A   
The sun is brighter now than itís been all day
For the last few days
    D7  G7
And I     feel fine

C C7 F7
       I feel fine
C C7 F7

When I walk down the street
I feel the sun on my feet
And the windís blowing songs through my head
I feel Iíve been here before
Feel that nothingís a bore
And Iím digging the words that Iíve read
Everyone else could be rushing
But Iím taking my time
Iíd rather watch the day unwind

And I feel fine

Iíve got no stress about the future
Got no worries at all
Got no ties to my possessions
Theyíll make me crumble and fall
Ainít gonna bind me down
Because Iíve found something better
To transcend it all

And I feel fine