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Pause Chords

Such a beautiful song sung by Emily Barker of The Red Clay Halo, used as the theme 
tune on Shadow Line. You can listen for the picking/strumming pattern, it's very simple.

Intro: Gm

G                 D
Who am I now without your love? 
Em              C
Who am I alone in a day that has gone? 
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G                       D
Without your love to return upon, 
Em                      C
I'm a featherless bird in a sky so absurd 

G                          D
Why oh why's there so much movement 
Em                  C
When all I long for is to lay down in love's pause 
     G                      D
And dream I know something of truth 
Em                 C
Oh hide me deeper in your peace further 
D                    E                        C              G
and lose me in this greed I've found in your need