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Trilogy  Emerson Lake & Palmer

A		F
I've tried to mend
A		G
The love that ended
A					G F
Long ago although we still pretend
A					Dm
Our love is surely coming to an end
A							E4 E
Don't waste the time you've got to love again

A		F
We tried to lie
A		G
But you and I
A					G F
Know better than to let each other lie
A					Dm
The thought of lying to you makes me cry
A							E4 E
Counting up the time that's passed us by
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F		G		C	Am		C	F
I've sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand
F		G	C	Am		C	F
And if it does I hope that you will understand
G	A		F
That I must leave in a while
A		G
And though I smile
A						G F
You know the smile is only there to hide
A					Dm
What I'm really feeling deep inside
A						E4 E
Just a face where I can hang my pride


We'll talk of places that we went
And times that we have spent
Together penniless and free

You'll see the day another way