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Stone Of Years Chords

Stone of Years(Tarkus) - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This is the second part of Tarkus, the first track of one of the best Emerson,
Lake & albums. This is the best I could do and I really hope you will accept this
tab because of work it took me translating it to guitar and because I want to
believe that there are people out there trying to play this song. I hope youŽll
like it

Email: notofthisearth@hotmail.com

Tuning: E

A*     C#/G#
-x-     -x-
-2-     -6--|
-2-    -6---|
-0-    -6---|
-0-    -4---|
-x-	-4-

"Stone of years"

   Cm                     C#/G#
	Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?

   A*			       G#
	Have the days made you so unwise?

	G	   Cm
	Realize, you are.
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Bb    G#    D5    G5    Cm
Bb    G#    D5    G5

   Cm                         C#/G#
	Have you talked to the winds of time,

   A*				G#
	Then you'd know how the water rhyme.

	Taste of wine,

  Cm        G#5     F5     D5         Bb5
	How can you know where you've been?

  G5        Cm
  	In time you're gonna see the sign,
            G#  Bb       G
	And realize your sin.

Keyboard solo
Bb    G#    D5    G5    Cm
Bb    G#    D5    G5    Cm

Same as the begining

	Will you know how the seed is sown?
	All your times have been overgrown,
	Never known.
	Have you walked on the stones of years?
	When you speak, is it you that hears?
	Are your ears full?
	You can't hear anything at all.