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From The Beginning Tab

Originally by Glen Macon (macon@cbmvax.commodore.com)
corrections be Jan Kalin and Harlan L Thompson 

FROM THE BEGINNING- Emerson, Lake and Palmer

H     hammer-on              P	pull-off
B	bend (upto note)       S	slide
[12]	harmonic- touch the string ([12] is one octave higher than 0)

			  S           H   P	  H H	    S
E ||----------[12]-|-10-12-(7)-7-|-5-7-8-7-0-0-|-0-2-3-|---3-(8)-8-|
B ||------[12]-----|-------------|-------------|-------|-----------|
G ||--[12]---------|-------------|-------------|-------|--0--------|
D ||---------------|-------------|-------------|-------|-----------|
A ||---------------|-------------|-------------|-------|-0---------|
E ||-0-------------|-------------|-------------|-------|-----------|

E ||--------0-|------0---------0-----|------0---------0-------|
B ||------0---|----10-10-----10-10---|----11-11-----11-11-----|
G ||----12----|--11-----11-11-----11-|--10-----10-10-----10---|
D ||--10------|-0---------0----------|-0---------0------------|
A ||-0--------|----------------------|------------------------|
E ||----------|----------------------|------------------------|

E ||-----0-------0----|----0--|-------------0-|
B ||---6---6---6---6--|---6---|-------------0-|....
G ||--5-----5-5-----5-|--5----|-------------5-|
D ||-0-------0--------|-0-----|------0------5-|....
A ||------------------|-------|--B-----B---0--|
E ||------------------|-------|-2-(3)-2-(3)---|....
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Am9                Em11
It might have been things I did
C   Cmaj9    FaddG   G                 Dm7
But don't be unkind, it don't mean I'm blind
Am9         Em11
But after a thing or two
C          Cmaj9    FaddG  G              Dm7
I think of lying in bed, I shouldn't have said, but there it is
    Am9  Em11  Am9  Em11

             Dm7 Dm6
You see it's all clear
         Dm7         E7sus4/F  (N.C.)
You were meant to be here
             Am9         Em11     Am9  Em11
>From the beginning

Am9          Em11
Well maybe I might have changed
C   Cmaj9       FaddG   G                   Dm7
And not been so cruel, not been such a fool
Am9              Em11
But after what's done is done
C Cmaj9      FaddG    G                       Dm7
I just can't recall, it doesn't matter at all
    Am9  Em11   Am9  Em11


Am9: 0 0 5 5 0 0   Em11: 0 0 4 0 3 0   Dm7: x 0 0 5 6 5
Dm6: x 5 3 4 3 5   FaddG: x x 3 2 1 3  G: x x 5 4 3 3
Cmaj9: x 2 0 0 1 0       E7sus4/F: 0 2 3 2 3 0

NOTE:  I saw some changes in the intro that I felt were important to
post.  Actually they're the same notes, but on different strings, making
it much easier to play.  Also a little change in the F chord and some
general condensing.