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Make It Last Chords

capo 3rd fret


            G                       D
Why did you run I'll always let you leave
               Em                   D
You aren't the first to hit and run away from me
     C                D
As i bounce along the open road
    C                D
I'm outnumbered and alone...

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                         G       D
And though we could have made it last
                Em        D
You've gotta do more than that
                   C       Em       D
You've got to take all you have and pour and pour
                   G       D
You're never gonna see the light
                   Em    D
You've gotta leave now behind
                   C           Em         D
You're never gonna know what's right from what went wrong
   C              D
So ignore all the facts
    C                     D
And come running straight back to me to me