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Gravity Chords

                                                         GRAVITY BY EMBRACE

tabbed by simon pascoe

capo on 1st fret Strum drownstrokes throughout  whole song strum up once on chord changes

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   Am                               Em                    F                     C
  it s been a long time coming   and i cant stop now
                  Am            Em                   F                 C
    Such a long time running and i cant stop now
              Am                    Em                       F              C
do you hear my heart beating can you hear the sound
          Am            Em                   F               C
cos i cant help thinking and i dont look down......
                  F                                       C                            Am
and Then looked up at the sun and i could see oh the way that gravity turns
     Em           F      {quick chord changes}
for you and me
and then i looked up at the sky and saw the sun  and the way that gravity pull
Em                F    {quick chord changes}
on everyone
on everyone