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Love Me Tender Chords

This is a great love song, voted Elvis' best. Its great
to play by yourself or for a special someone.

Harder Chords-

F#7/C - xx4320
Bm    - xx4432
Gm6   - 302330
B7    - x21202

Intro- Strum D 

Verse 1
D               E7
Love me tender, love me sweet
A7           D 
Never let me go
You have made my life complete
A7             D
And i love you so

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        F#7/C   Bm      D7
Love me tender, love me true
G      Gm6         D
All my dreams fulfilled
       B7        E7 
For my darling i love you
A7           D
And i always will

Verse 2
D               E7
Love me tender, love me long
A7              D
Take me to your heart
For its there that I belong
A7             D
And will never part


Verse 3
D              E7 
Love me tender love me dear
A7              D
Tell me you are mine
I'll be yours through all the years
A7              D 
Till the end of time