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Its Only Love Chords

D                         G
I see the sunlight in her hair
A7                             D
I feel the warm smile that she wears
She has no recipe for love
A7                   D
But I just can't get enough

From the distance of my mind
A7                               D
A clock that's ringing says it's time
Wake up to my destiny
A7                     D
It's time to face reality 

It's only love that I feel inside
    G               D
But I'll get by somehow
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It's only love 
G                                A7
There must be something else for me girl

  D                         G
I tell myself that it's not real
A7                             D
There's nothing left for me to feel
I'll just be going on my way
A7                      D
Tomorrow brings another day

It's only love only love that I feel inside
But I've got to be strong my mind's made up 
It's only love but I know I'll get by 
        G                           A7       G
Take my heart and my pride and just throw it aside
It's only love