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I Want To Be Free Chords

Capo on 4 (Key of E)

  C - F - G

             C         G           C      (G)
1.There's no joy in my heart, only sorrow,

             C        G       C     (G)
  And I'm as sad as a man can be.

        C            C7             F      Fm
  I sit alone in the darkness of my lonely room,

           C         G         C    (F) C
  And this room is a prison to me.


                G                     C
  I look out my window, and what do I see?
          G                 C
  I see a bird, way up in a tree.
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             C     G     F       Fm
  I wanna be free, free..free-ee-ee.

             C    G                     C    (F) C
  I wanna be free, like the bird in the tree.

       C           G                C        (G)
2.What good are my eyes, they can't see you.

         C                G           C      (G)
  And my arms, they can't hold you so tight.

             C             C7          
  I have two lips that are yearning,

      F                  Fm
  but they're no good to me,

           C            G        C        (F) C
  'Cause I know I can't kiss you tonight.