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I Beg Of You Chords

I Beg Of You:Elvis Presley.
B -Side of Don't in 1957.

#1. (Original key. Check it out on YouTube.)
I don't want my heart to be broken cause it's 

the only one I've got.
   F                              C
So darling please be careful, you know I care a lot.
         G                     F               C
Darling, please don't break my heart..I beg of you.
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I don't want no tears a-falling, you know I hate to cry.
    F                                C
But that's what's bound to happen if you only say goodbye.
         G                    F             C
Darling, please don't say goodbye..I beg of you.

F                                    C
Hold my hand and promise that you'll always love me true.
F                                G               G7
Make me know you'll love me, the same way I love you,

little girl.

You got me at your mercy now that I'm in love with you.
   F                                     C
So please don't take advantage cause you know my
love is true.
        G                       F             C
Darling please, please love me, too..I beg of you.(Last line x2.)



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