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Chains Chains Chains Chords

Chains, Chains, Chains from the album Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

F                                           Dm     
Whose eyes are those too fair to be but the night in day´s clothes
                 Bb                             F  
Speak speak it I beg if you know it just say it plain
C          F C F
F                                   Dm 
What thing is this at my feet at my heart at my wrists
                          Bb                      F
If you know anything I´ll have to insist that you explain
C             F      Bb     C    F C F      
Chains chains chains chains chains

Horn Solo: F Dm F Gm C
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F                             Dm
What am I if bound to walk in chains ´til I die
                Bb                                F
Reaching wildly out to the sky with no particular aim
C               F
A flame and all aflame
G                                 Em     
What are these put my mind out to deep deep seas
                         C                                              G
I won´t see the forest I won´t see the trees ´til they´re gone with the flame
D     G
Names name
G                                           Em                    G
Whose eyes are those ought to be careful or simply keep them closed
                  Am                            D
I see them now wherever I go set to the solemn refrain:
C      D    G D G C      D                    G     D G D
Chains Chains     Chains chains chains chains chains

Horn solo ending:G Em G Am D
                 G Em C G D G 

Tabbed by Schmojay