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Ash Wednesday Chords

This is mostly correct, so if anyone can improve, do let me know.  Enjoy!

Intro: C-Am  C-Am  C-Am F-G



C             Am
the tents go up
as i go down
            Am                   C
down to the flats and into the sound
              Am            F
 the closer i get to the city
            G             C
the further i am from memory
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              Am            C
in the green grass looking up
          Am                C
for the words of the angry sun
Am    C               F   C           
'noone' when he says 'noone'
                F  C
yeah he means 'noone'
G into Riff

C              Am
noone will survive
    C            Am
ash wednesday alive
      C         Am
no soldier no lover
no father no mother
 G             C
not a lonely child 
       Am                C
in the up and in the bedroom
             Am                         C
a black and white of the bride and the groom
will bring me to my knees
with the colorized bad dream 
that takes its place on
 C Am C Am C Am F G --> Riff
ash wednesday

(Same chords continue)

white noise and love
will be my only drug
on this day nine
suns away
from that sad sad saturday
when fire my friend
fire my villain
you take away yesterday
to give to me today
when nothing's free no now it's
ash wednesday

so each day is ash wednesday
all this life is ash wednesday

all the doors are shut
and the windows barely opened up
the fires all around
it's the ending of the drought
and we are ready now
for tear gas clouds
on my mind
come on fill the house
finally and weep
for it's king and queen sleep
both now
in the arms of
ash wednesday
ash wednesday

Matt L.